About us

Founded in 1992, ResultsWare Limited has been helping companies to produce successful, high-quality software for 30 years. As an experienced software company, we have been involved in the development of many software products; our expertise is in project management, server and client side database applications and Microsoft Outlook custom solutions. We developed Taskline from a personal need to plan and control our own work in a simple, flexible, and familiar way. And we developed Close Contact to get a one-click history of previous correspondence when a customer emails us.

Environmental Ethics

We take our environmental responsibilities seriously. All our employees either cycle or take public transport into work. And our website is hosted by Web Wiz, whose data centre is powered entirely by 100% Renewable Energy.

Privacy Policy

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Registered in England, company number 2747190

Registered office: 7 Napoleon Drive, Redwood Park, Shrewsbury, SY3 5PH