Absolutely awesome program and great after service too.
Simon Morgan
The product is absolutely brilliant and I wish I’d known about it 5 Years ago – now I realise why certain things never happen. For the first time In my life I have actually ‘seen’ how much stuff needs to be done – while keeping my normal calendar/work going (e.g. staff reviews, customer meetings etc.)
Carl Dipane
CD-DataHouse Limited
Taskline is simply the best productivity boosting program that I’ve seen in a long time. Since it’s an add-in to Outlook it installs quickly and begins to help you fill the gaps in your schedule with productive priority-based tasks needed to be done. Since my Outlook syncs to all of my mobile platforms, I can quickly get the answer to ‘What should I be doing right now?’ in an integrated view. And the depth of customizations ensure that most anyone’s specific needs can be accommodated.
Peter Odryna
This version [4], so far, seems to be light years ahead of the old version. I am using it and it is impressive. It really helps me focus on what is important and plan my days around that. Most importantly, when my days blow up, as they almost always do, a couple of entries in the calendar, or tasks, and everything gets adjusted for the future. REALLY REALLY COOL.
J. Keesey
This program works great with my Plan Plus add-in, and I really like following the calendar. I’ve gotten far more accomplished the last few days than I would have without Taskline. Thank you!
I can’t tell you how delighted I’ve been with the software so far – all these years I’ve been trying to match my priorities and deadlines with the time available to work on them and having no clear visual aid what’s possible and what’s not unless I invest a load of time in the planning phase – time better spent actually working on the tasks! Now it’s abundantly clear why I’m always stressed! This is a much better way to help me plan and to give me the supporting evidence I need to say no to certain tasks!
Angel C, Ph.D.
Faculty Member, Florida State University
Usage is going incredibly well. Achieving more in less time more often, definitely. But more important than that, I’m happier at work and I’m less stressed as I know I’m working on the right thing at the right time, at least relatively speaking. Ie Even though many client requests and project tasks have an unknown time to resolution or completion, Taskline makes managing that challenging workflow (almost) a breeze
Simon Savva MCSE/ITIL
Melbourne, Australia
Just to say, what a fantastic tool! I’m a consultant and small business owner, juggling several clients as well as running the business and overseeing other projects. Just been using taskline for a few weeks and it’s transforming the way I work… and crucially enabling me to work less long hours and say no to more work, as I can more easily see when I’m at capacity: just by adding the new work, running taskline and seeing if it fits. I highly recommend this tool to anyone who has to juggle a busy calendar alongside billable client time. Well done ResultsWare!
Kate Mayfield
Managing Director
Mayfield Solutions, London
I just want to take a quick moment to let you know that I have tried virtually EVERY task management software out there and none of them attack the problem of task management like Taskline does. It truly is a remarkable product and once set up right one can just churn through his/her tasks like clockwork as Taskline decides what’s next. I’ve been using it for a couple of years now and it has really made me “ultra” productive. I have a clever system for deciding priority of tasks which I then use to sort and save via natural order and Taskline pretty much perfectly balances the priorities and due dates so that everything important gets done and on time. Great work!
Robert Ferraro
President & CEO, PC Aviator Inc
Taskline is easily among the best software that I’ve invested in. Not only does it save a lot of time, I’m also able to visualise when things will get done. The flexibility and features that the software offers are truly intuitive and well implemented. I love the fact that I can organise tasks into projects and allocate specific working hours in which Taskline should schedule each task. And the immediate responses of the developers shows their commitment to satisfy their customers. I would wholeheartedly recommend Taskline to anyone who wants to use Outlook Tasks to its fullest.
Kaustav Chakravarthy
This is a fantastic program that has done miracles in keeping me focused and on task. I can’t believe how much I got done the first week I used it… And I am a chronic procrastinator! This morning I am leaving on a week-long business trip and for once I am not panicked about whether certain tasks were completed or not, because I KNOW they are!
W. Sisson
I would not be without this piece of software now as I find it absolutely essential.
Caroline C.
I’ve used your product for a while now and it certainly has helped my time management. I’ve actually used it to give my clients achievable delivery dates for projects. Since the software takes into account that we’re actually human and need to eat and sleep, take breaks etc, I’ve found increasing accuracy in both quoting labour hours and delivery dates. That translates into increased profit and happier clients. Being confronted with a software program that effectively says ‘are you kidding?’ when you try to feed in absurd work schedules, enables you to time manage realistically. So thanks for a useful program, it’s saved some wear and tear on my nerves!
Notion Active, South Africa
You have an awesome product. This was the missing link to Outlook®, making it a true workflow manager. Thank You for your innovation.
K. Harrison
AMAZING PRODUCT!!! I’ve been looking (it seems for years) for a product like this. It’s exactly what I was looking for.
Jason Chase
CEO Solidmark Web Design, New Jersey